BIG e.V.

Success of BIG's Work

1. Selected Results of the Groups' Work

  • Guiding principles for policing in DV-cases
  • Proposal for a new law for the protection from violence and for police laws
  • Model applications for protection orders
  • Directive for the improvement of the legal situation of migrant women

2. Legal

In 2002 a new law was enacted, specifically designed for women being subordinated to domestic violence and/or stalking.

3. BIG Hotline and Mobile Intervention

In 1999, the first German hotline against domestic violence was set up in Berlin. The BIG hotline still provides daily services from 9:00 am till midnight to all persons affected by and institutions dealing with domestic violence.

If advice by telephone is not sufficient, a cooperator can also give advice on the spot. This additional offer is directed to traumatized women, women who are limited in their mobility or out of other reasons are not able to take further steps on their own.