BIG e.V.

About us

In Germany, one out of every four women says she has experienced domestic violence at least once in her life. BIG was founded as a registered association in 1993 with the objective to work against domestic violence, in cooperation with all societal forces. We strive to create societal conditions that prevent the occurrence of violence and contribute to better protection and appropriate support for women and their children at the same time. To this end we launch projects and educational campaigns. It is BIG’s objective to strengthen the rights of abused women and to ensure that abusive men are held responsible for their actions.

Children are always affected by domestic violence against their mothers. The support system for these children needs to be improved. This includes increased consideration and evaluation of the childrens’ situation in the cases of interventions against domestic violence.  BIG coordinates a united and concerted action of all societal sectors that deal with issues of domestic violence and supports them in their fields of work. BIG develops and implements specific measures for women and their children in cooperation with numerous experts of various professions.  Since its establishment BIG has achieved many successes. Today, BIG is comprised of three institutions which contribute to the realization of these objectives by offering specific services within the areas of intervention, coordination and prevention.

For more than twenty years BIG has been fighting domestic violence. The establishment of the first national telephone helpline against domestic violence in Germany is just one of our many achievements.