BIG e.V.

New Tasks and Goals

In effect from January 1, 2002, the intervention center has taken over new functions:

1. Monitoring

All strategies and actions throughout the intervention process against domestic violence are to be reviewed with regard to their implementation and effectiveness, especially those originating from the BIG project.

2. Mediation /Clearing

The emphasis of BIG's tasks is to mediate and clear up problematic individual cases and situations. Even though intervention in cases of domestic violence and cooperation between the involved agencies have improved, their is still potential for individual cases of conflict and misunderstanding between involved persons.

Women affected by domestic violence as well as representatives of the institutions involved in the process can turn to BIG in theses situations. It can be a problem in cooperating with an institution or a personal problem with an involved person.

BIG's Principles in Mediation and Clearing are

  • Accompanying the involved parties in developing agreements without making own decisions
  • Neutral status
  • Confidentiality in regard to all information provided in this context

3. Coordination

The results of monitoring intervention procedures as well as mediating in conflict situations enable BIG to conclude which strategies are more effective than others and where eventually gaps still exist. In case of need BIG establishes interdisciplinary expert bodies to optimize and develop individual-based or structural measures and concepts.

4. Further competencies

  • Establishing seminars on domestic violence in education and in-house-training
  • Development of ad-hoc measures to improve the protection and support for affected women and their children
  • Public relations towards a broader public receptivity and sensitivity for domestic violence