BIG e.V.

Police interventions

  • Negotiations that influenced internal policing vocabulary and finally led to introduction of the police operation “domestic violence”
  • Development of guidelines "Polizeiliches Handeln in Fällen häuslicher Gewalt"
  • Establishment of seminars as part of further trainings for police officers at the following schools: „Fachhochschule für Verwaltung und Rechtspflege“ and „Landespolizeischule“
  • Revision of the questionnaire Pol 974 "domestic violence"
  • Modification of the notification procedure when incidents of domestic violence occur
  • Model testing of an extended restraining order in one Berlin police department (2002)
  • Appointment of eight "Coordinators domestic violence" in various Berlin police departments 
  • Assignment of 60 police men and women to the posts of “Multipliers domestic violence" 
  • Development of questionnaires to monitor police intervention
  • Development of guidelines on how to deal with conflicts arising in the context of police interventions