BIG e.V.

Major milestones

  • Development,  expansion and improvement of support measures to protect and support women and children that are affected by domestic violence
  • Development and implementation of a wide range of educational trainings for all professions dealing with issues of domestic violence
  • Removal of societal taboos by the means of education/alert of the public/all professions involved
  • Development of pilot projects and innovative concepts. This includes the participation in networking committees on both the national and the international level where these concepts, ideas and experiences are exchanged
  • Establishment of the Berlin intervention center for domestic violence (now: Berlin initiative against violence towards women)
    • Establishment of the focus on “conflict management” within the BIB initiative: Development of concepts that will further enhance the effective processes of identifying and/or gathering  prevailent difficulties and problems
    • The ongoing exchange between BIG e.V. and other agencies of intervention about methods that will ensure the work quality 
    • Development of individual and structural solutions for various fields of intervention; optimization of concepts for their practical application