BIG e.V.

Children and teens

  • Issuance of the brochure "Mehr Mut zum Reden" (“Gain courage to talk”) directed at mothers that have become the victims of domestic violence Issuance of stickers, leaflets and posters for (abused/victimised) children in cooperation with the “Kindernotdienst” (Berlin children helpline)
  • Production of the video "Kennst Du das auch?" (Home truth) - Five girls and boys talk about their experiences with domestic violence
  • Development of the brochure "Begleiteter Umgang in Fällen häuslicher Gewalt" (supervised visitation in cases of domestic violence) and development of standards concerning visitation rights in cases of domestic violence
  • Assistance with the development of federal standards for cases of supervised visitation Initiation of data collection at the youth welfare services
  • Issuance of a curriculum for further trainings for the employees of youth welfare services 
  • Organization of conferences and further trainings for the youth welfare services  Issuance of a curriculum for further trainings for teachers